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Car Rental - Puerto Pollenca

The cheapest and simplest way of travelling from the airport (especially if you are new to Mallorca) is now the 'Resort Hoppa'. This costs approximately 38.65 return for two compared with approximately 73plus a tip.for a taxi. That is 146 return. 
Rental cars are then available across the road from the apartment at the local Super Market.

Having used a number of Car Rental companies with varying success I gained some useful experiences which you may find helpful.

The first thing is that  international companies can be the most expensive. Some offering what seems to be an excellent price but, when you arrive to collect the car, add massive insurance costs. So if you go this route make sure that your price really is all inclusive and that there are absolutely no extra charges.

One of the ploys is to make 'special' offers at very attractive prices and then load on the extras when the customer is most vulnerable i.e. without an easily available alternative.

I switched to a small local company who leave the car in the multi-storage car park at the airport for you to collect. You leave it in the same place when you return.

Unfortunately, being small they do not operate a 24 hour, 7 day a week back up service. So if you break down, as I did, you can be left to your own devices.

I then tried out Easycar Rentals which were great and their prices extremely competitive. They did have 24 hour, 7 day a week back up. There were a few niggles regarding cleaning the car after use and debates regarding who was responsible for small scratches, hitherto unnoticed, but overall I was happy with the deal. However they no longer exist.

Based on my own experiences here are a few possibilities for you. Bear in mind however that people change as do the quality of services so if these suggestions are to have a value I need feed back of good and bad experiences.

Here goes:-

Car Company Comments Web Site Fax Number Tel Number



My first experience of this company was when they set up alongside Easycar in Mallorca. They offered the same car, the Mercedes A3, at a much reduced price.

My problem with them now is that their website is in Spanish and there appears to be no choice of languages.

Delta Car Hire Friendly, local company. Worth trying for a good price. They offer a range of cars. The cheapest may be a little aged.
Cars are left for collection in the airport multi-storage car park.
Ask them for a quote by fax.
0034 971 
Terry's Car Hire Another local company whose cars are collected at the airport.
I have no experience of them but their ads are friendly and they actually promise to  'try harder'.
0034 971 
Europcar EasyJet and others now promote this company. I have no experience of it. It is an international company., www.europcar.co.uk   08713 849847