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                             Public Transport

                From the Airport to Puerto Pollenca / Puerto Pollensa

There are basically three ways to get from Son Juan Palma airport to Puerto Pollenca:-

1) By a rented car collected either at the airport itself or from a nearby location to which the rental company will take you by minibus or similar.

2) Taxi, of which there is usually a plentiful supply; Single fare costs about 73 plus a tip (compared .to 38.64 return for two by Resort Hoppa). This is the most comfortable way to travel. However occasionally the taxi drivers have been known to go on strike and it does no harm to have knowledge of an alternative solution.

3) By Public Transport. This is by far the cheapest way but if you are toting heavy baggage not recommended as there is some walking to do at both ends. On the other hand if you are travelling reasonably light it is always an option. You might even see it as an adventure!!! 

I did it myself a couple of years ago and found it very straight forward

4) Then there is ResortHoppa. We tried this in September and it worked well. The website is reservations@resorthoppa.com 

You have to have a recognised delivery/collection point. As the Pollensamar next door, in the Calle del Faro, qualifies it is very convenient for us. 

Here is a picture of the Pollensamar. We are next door to the left of this.

              The Pollensamar

The return cost for two from and to the airport costs approximately 38.65.

Delivery and collection is by a very comfortable bus.  Delivery from the airport was non stop. But returning you do go round the houses.

We recommend this service.

By Bus to Puerto Pollenca /Puerto Pollensa.

This is a two stage process. 

1) From the airport you take the bus to Plaza Espana in Palma. The first bus of the day leaves at 06.15 and the last at 02.15.

The buses are 'Line 1'. They run every about every 15 minutes and take about 30 minutes to reach Palma.

If you walk towards the multi storage car park in the airport you will see on your left the buses for the various tour organisations. Further on, on the right, there is a small bus shelter where 'Line 1' picks up passengers.

The cost is 1.85 Euros.

You take all your baggage on the bus with you.

2) When arrive in Palma, at the Plaza Espana, first look across the road where you will see the shelter from which you catch the bus to the airport on your return. then continue walking up the street and turn right at Carrer Esubi Estada which runs down the side of the Soller Railway Station.
After about 50 yards you will see a bus station on the right. Take the first line of buses and walk to the end where the bus will have Puerto Pollenca on a notice in the windscreen.

Schedule (2008) of buses direct from Palma to Puerto Pollenca / Puerto Pollensa. 
The charge is 5.25 Euros.

In this case your baggage goes in the Hold at the side of the bus. You will need to open the Hold yourself when you reach Puerto Pollenca to retrieve your baggage

Week Days




16.00 07.00 15.30
08.00 12.30 17.30 09.00 17.00
09.00 14.00 18.30 11.00 20.30
10.30 15.00 20.30 13.00

The journey takes about one hour and takes you to the bus station in the Port.

There are a number of other alternatives, such as catching a bus to Alcudia (from the same Bus Station), not far from Puerto Pollenca / Puerto Pollensa, and then a further bus or taxi from Alcudia to Puerto Pollenca / Puerto Pollensa. Or even taking a train to Inca and then taxi or bus to Puerto Pollenca / Puerto Pollensa.